Beware, Be Aware by Michael Wesleyan

Walk through the halls of any dorm, lines of the Caf, paths of the South Oval: if you just pause to listen, you will hear it–abashed jokes, snarky comments, unconstrained laughter… and nestled among whispered remarks, a reveal of one insidious ugliness that permeates the college campus: hazing. Everyone knows that Greek organizations still haze … [Read more…]

National Pan-Hellenic Greek Organizations: an interview with Brianna Thomas

Do you feel like there has been noticeable change on campus since the incident with SAE? I wasn’t Greek yet whenever SAE happened, but I do know what took place and when it happened I was took for a loop. As far as change between then and now, I think there has been some change, … [Read more…]

Gender Discrimination and the Greek Letter Organization by Rachel Whitfield

The Greek Letter system has traditionally been a vital artery within the body of the American university. Greek Letter Organizations almost always identify philanthropy as a priority, and Greek alumni sometimes contribute the majority of a university’s funding. But could a system constructed entirely on discrimination really continue to thrive in a socially-just minded society? … [Read more…]

Privileging Greek Organizations on Campus: Kelsey Morris Reviews “Paying for the Party”

In my Sociology Capstone class this semester, Dr. Ann Beutel assigned us to read about Dr. Elizabeth A. Armstrong and Dr. Laura T. Hamilton’s groundbreaking sociological research in their 2013 book Paying for the Party. This is not a new release, but I have chosen to write and publish a review anyway, as it remains … [Read more…]