The Concept


To serve as OU’s central sounding board, bringing together different voices and disciplines to inform, inspire, and encourage interaction on campus (student groups, departments, centers etc.) What is important to yOUTell us.


The Concept

OU FORUM is a student-run newsmagazine that takes a closer look at issues that matter to the OU Community – things that don’t get coverage in a daily newspaper or yearbook. YOUr voice. YOUr concerns. YOUr contributions. We do this through a thematic approach with student and faculty contributions (written and visual.)

FORUM was founded in 2015 after visits to friends’ campuses (Harvard, Georgetown, William’s etc.) where a student-contribution newsmagazine complimented the breaking news source on campus. With cross-discipline collaboration in mind, OUFORUM was born. Each issue has:

  • Theme (e.g. mental health, women in the world, hunger etc.)
  • Feature Article (e.g. mental health efforts on campus)
  • 3-5 Guest Articles from OU community with something to say (e.g. psychologist, educator, economist etc. on mental health)
  • 3-5 Guest Alternative Media (e.g. art, poetry, prose on mental health)
  • Upcoming Events (e.g. mental health discussion panel etc.)



OUFORUM is an independent student organization, and the views and opinions expressed in it are the personal views of the contributors and OUFORUM Team and do not represent views of the University of Oklahoma.