The Team

Editor-in-Chief                                              Co Editor-in-Chief  

Emily “Eddy” Mee                                               Dib Qaub “Pickles” Lee


Director of Marketing  

Rachel Whitfield

Director of Photography 

Helena Hind










Section Editors

Kelsey Morris (Students)                                       Nayyifa Nihad (Students)







I’Jané Bennett (Poetry & Prose)                                   Maria Decosta (Poetry & Prose)




Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Brian Johnson, Director, Honors College Writing Center
  • Dr. Joy Pendley, Research Scientist, Center for Applied Social Research
  • Dr. Meg Sibbett, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Professor Mel Odom, Professional Writing
  • Professor Mary Anna Evans, Professional Writing
  • Dr. Linda Kelly, Graduate College
  • Professor Eric Bosse, Expository Writing
  • Dr. Nick LoLordo, Expository Writing

Collaborators – A special thanks to all who made this possible:

  • Dr. Michele Eodice, Director, Writing Center (OU)
  • Dean Ed Kelley, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication (OU)
  • Dr. Daniel Simon, Assistant Director & Editor-in-Chief, World Literature Today (OU)
  • Terri D. Stubbefield, Programs & Development, World Literature Today (OU)
  • Anna Papp, President, Harvard Independent
  • Chris Almeida, Editor-in-Chief, Georgetown Voice
  • Quentin, Publisher, Williams’ Alternative
  • Emily “Eddy” Mee and Emily Sample, OU Student Government Association
  • Caleb “Cub” Olsen for logo design
  • Jacob Cullum for first poster design (portfolio here)
  • Neha Raghavan, Art Contributor, OU LGBTQ+ Program Advisory Board Member (website here)