Call for Submissions on “Labor: Experiences and Perspectives” by February 13th

February’s “Labor: OU Perspectives and Experiences”  issue of FORUM will focus on OU community members’ perspectives on employment and labor. Specifically, we are looking for pieces on internships, sex work, unpaid academic labor, emotional labor (what it is and isn’t) , feminized labor and the “second shift,” equal pay in academia, unions, Graduate and TA … [Read more…]

FORUM Call for Submissions on Power: Gender-Based Violence at OU by October 12th

Each issue of FORUM centers on a monthly theme. October’s issue will focus on perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on gender-based violence. This will include sexual violence and harassment, including stalking, catcalling, and abusive relationships, as well as administrative and police responses to these issues. Submission Deadline: October 12th, 11:50pm. Submissions should focus on: OU activism … [Read more…]