Getting to Know Dr. Davidson by Miles Francisco

M: Would you mind talking a little bit about your past, where you come from and how you made it to the University of Oklahoma? D: First of all, Miles, thank you for inviting me to engage in this interview.  I was born and raised in Scotland, and met my husband, Dr. Tim Davidson when he … [Read more…]

Meet Liz Spencer: activist, student, and leader

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Liz Spencer is a first-generation out-of-state student majoring in management information systems. As a Native-American and Latinx student at OU, Liz says one of the problems she faces on campus from non-Natives is casual ignorance. “A lot of the time people think I go to school for free because … [Read more…]

Cover Letter by Dib Qaub “Pickles” Lee

“In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist” -Angela Davis As the semester comes to a close and we are reflecting upon the events that had made the first portion of our 2019 on campus, I want us to have the words of Angela Davis embedded in our … [Read more…]

Someone Like Me by Tiffanie Vo

Every day I look into the mirror and I stare at my reflection. But, just this once, please spare me the Mulan reflection song reference.   You know, Mushu the dragon isn’t going to come back from the spirit world with a gong and guide me through the day. My ancestors aren’t watching me from … [Read more…]

“Open Your Eyes” A Poem by Daniela Koscna

Open Your Eyes  Close your eyes. Don’t be afraid of the dark, just listen to my voice, As I’m guiding you through paradise. Do you remember the first time You saw a snowflake falling down? One landed in your palm, and the other painted roses under your chocolate brown. If your roots are far from the … [Read more…]