The Editor’s Desk – Volume 1, Issue 1

FORUM (masthead)

On behalf of the FORUM team, we want to say we are excited about the launch of this first issue. We are a new publication at the University of Oklahoma run by students for students and targeted specifically at issues relevant to students.

Our motto, “Your Voice. Your Concerns. Your Contributions,” reflects our focus to create a unique space for students to express themselves in a new way. Our goal is to bring voices across campus together to inform, inspire, and encourage interaction. All our work is contributed by students and faculty from a wide variety of disciplines and departments.

Each issue will present stories, reports, and expressions (artwork, prose, poetry, etc.) related to a specific theme showcasing “OUr approach to the world.” For this first issue, we’ve chosen human trafficking as our focus, highlighting the multiple opportunities to get involved in March.

Our next issue will be out on April 5.

How is FORUM different?
Like other campus newsmagazines (The Georgetown Voice and The Harvard Independent), FORUM hopes to complement traditional news publications, responding to current issues and topics voted important by OU community.

How do you tie in?

We have funding to pilot two issues of FORUM in March and April. If you, as the reader, find FORUM relevant, informative, and collaborative, then please tell us in our short (10 question) survey here. Your feedback and ideas will fuel FORUM‘s content, format, and topics of discussion. If the pilot is successful, we look forward to seeing you in Fall 2016!

We view FORUM as an ongoing conversation, and we’re excited to hear from you.

Thank you,

Lucy Mahaffey, Editor-in-Chief

Alexandra Goodman, Co-Editor

Read more of the first issue here.

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