Disrupting Racism at OU | November 29, 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 2

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Story: Do You Find Racism Uncomfortable to Talk About? A Foundation for Discussion
  2. Upcoming Events – Disrupting Racism
  3. Resource: List of Hotlines and Resources for Combatting Discrimination
  4. Article: Opening the Conversation: A White Male’s Take on White Privilege (Student)
  5. Art: Surgical Unraveling of Whiteness, 2 pieces of artwork by Jane Hsi
  6. Poem: On Edge: a poem by Leanne Ho
  7. Article: Cross-Cultural Coalition: A Professor’s Tips for Change (Professor)
  8. Poem: Forsaken Love: a poem by J.L. Immel
  9. Poem: I’m Not Afraid: a poem by Alona Kemp
  10. Article: “You are absolute race baiters and provocateurs.” (Professor)
  11. Art: Images of Campus, by Nicanor Wolieu
  12. Poem: When Lunch Makes the Headlines: a poem by Kate Verser
  13. Article: Greek Community, Marginalized Communities, and Action Steps (Student)
  14. Article: Solidarity Through Sisterhood – How Phi Delta Alpha is Disrupting Racism (Student)
  15. Article: Intervarsity: A Student Group’s Initiatives for Solidarity (Student)
  16. Article: Professor’s Perspective: Cultural Competence v. Cultural Humility (Professor)
  17. Article: Dr. Henderson’s Take on “Race and the University,” a Historical Timeline
  18. Poem: What’s Goin’ On: a poem by Blake Bridges-Alexander
  19. Article: Race Matters: An OU Alumni on Her Radio Show (Alumni)
  20. Article: OU’s Yik Yak Posts: Racism is All Around Us (Student)
  21. Poem: Black Man: You Need to Leave OU, poem by Charles Terry
  22. Article: How is SGA Disrupting Racism? An Interview with Daniel Pae
  23. Article: Even Stronger Together: A Student’s Perspective (Student)
  24. Article: Jabar Shumate and Efforts from the Office of University Community (Alumni)
  25. Prose: Oklahoma Meme: prose by Richard Bassett
  26. Resource: Books, Movies, and Action Steps to Stop Racism