Lost at Sea: Surviving Suicide and What to Do Next

When people hear “mental disorder,” they tend to think the worst. I know when I was younger, I thought it was “bad” to be different. When I heard certain celebrities struggling from either depression or bipolar, I viewed them differently, and I judged them. Coming from a house that didn’t really talk about our problems … [Read more…]

Why OUr Mental Health Is Important on Campus

In the spring of my freshman year, I watched one of my best friends struggle with depression. Usually outgoing, she became confined to her bed more and more. Her infectious laugh ceased to ring throughout our dorm floor. Her papers, usually brilliant works of art, became jumbled and rushed or sometimes not done at all. The … [Read more…]

Call for writing/art submissions on mental health by Oct 13

Guidelines for Submission We’re OU’s only student-run digital newsmagazine, and we’re seeking student and professor submissions for our October issue on mental health at OU. These can include personal stories, advice, student group efforts, poetry, artwork, prose, journalism, and more. Length: Short pieces 250 to 500 words Prose less than 1000 words (preferably) Poetry has … [Read more…]

The First Moment Back, a poem by Carey Flack

Returning to the States is never easy…

@ Airport in Houston Texas ◆ July 2, 2016 ◆ First Time Back in The States I step off the plane My anxiety has kicked in again For the first time in 30 days My chest tightens The back of my throat feels like cotton I continue walking down the fluorescent terminal Searching for my … [Read more…]

Oklahoma to Ireland: A Professor’s Perspective

Going from Oklahoma to Ireland probably involves less culture shock than many study abroad experiences.   The Irish speak English—although theirs sounds different than ours.   Ireland is very rural, but many of us Okies are used to seeing lots of cows and horses (although sheep are more common there than they are here).  Of course, there … [Read more…]

Cover Story: Bringing a Global Perspective Close to Home

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in Italy so far is that I have seriously taken for granted my understanding of the world. I’ve been used to being able to speak and be understood and to move around in the world easily. Up until now, I have never had to wonder if people I … [Read more…]

That Grandest of Taxis – An Alumni’s Adventures in Morocco

As over four decades of service across Africa show, the Mercedes W123 is a nigh indestructible vehicle. To this day, it ranks as its manufacturer’smost popular car and has served as daily public transport for travelers from Dakar to Mogadishu, from Tunis to Cape Town. In Morocco, I traveled in W123s – the so-called grands … [Read more…]

Spirits Soar: Digital Storytelling for Study Abroad Narratives

For students who study abroad, jet lag is often the least of their difficulties adjusting to life back in the US. How do you begin to process everything you’ve experienced? What do you do with those memories? The OU Writing Center offers digital storytelling workshops for students returning from overseas. Using their own words and … [Read more…]

September Submissions: Global Perspective at OU

It’s time to kick off the semester – with global perspective!   Are you an international student at OU? Or have you studied abroad? As we transition back to campus we want to focus on culture differences, similarities, and insight from these! We would love submissions (250-500 words) on the following questions: Culture Shock – … [Read more…]