Student Contribution: Native Identity, Tribal Sovereignty, and STEM

The 27th of May, 1949 was a momentous day for Louis “Speedy” Wiley, my grandfather. This was a day which would eventually lead him on an entirely different life path than he had originally intended. In the span of 24 hours, he would both witness the birth of his first son, Roger, and the death … [Read more…]

Cover Story: Opening our Eyes to Native Identity at OU

I don’t know that I’m the best person to speak about the Department of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma and the Native American community and identity in general. I know very little about the experience and history of Native Americans, and I write this knowing that I could never speak or write … [Read more…]

Student Contribution: “Blood” Photo Series and Video

Blood Talon Claybrook Photo series and video The Dawes Act gave the US government control over tribal lands. To receive an allotment, Native people were forced to participate in a blood quantity process. Government officials determined how much Indian blood each tribal member possessed. In Blood, I forced participants to go through a similar process … [Read more…]

Professor Profile: Dr. Joshua B. Nelson – His work in Native American film and the Crossroads Film Festival

Dr. Joshua B. Nelson is a native Oklahoman who acquired his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Yale University, then returned home to OU to study American Indian Literature. An accomplished academic, he additionally obtained his MA and PhD in English from Cornell. Dr. Nelson is now a professor of English and is an affiliated faculty … [Read more…]

Want FORUM to continue in Fall 2016? We need YOUR answers!

Want FORUM to continue in Fall 2016? We need YOUR answers to these 10 short questions. We have 27 responses, but we need 50 replies. Please pass this survey on to friends, classmates, and professors as well! You can answer by scrolling through the short survey below:   Loading…

Human Trafficking | March 1, 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 1

 The Editor’s Desk Who are we? How is FORUM different? How do you tie in?  Human Trafficking | March 1, 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 1 Table of Contents The Editor’s Desk (read now) Cover Story: I have 48 slaves working for me. You can change that. (read now) Upcoming Events (read now) Student Work: Three Pieces … [Read more…]

Slavery in the Shadows: An Archaeologist’s Perspective

There are approximately 30 million people living in slavery today.* This trade in human beings is happening in developing nations and in our own backyards. From Taiwan to Oklahoma, people are being moved through secret networks against their will and without much recognition by wider society. In all of these countries, slavery existed in the … [Read more…]

3 Pieces of Student Artwork from “Beloved: There is no exchange for love”

See this artwork and more at the Beloved art show! Opening reception March 4, 6-8pm at Lightwell Gallery (Fred Jones Center.) Exhibit runs March 2-18. The Good Part Gina Butler Acrylic on paper, collage. The chaotic collage speaks of the trauma a trafficked woman may carry inside her on a daily basis, but her shoulders and neck … [Read more…]