Don’t Go Greek by Anonymous

Trigger warning: I have every intention of starting with the most triggering experience from my year in Greek life: sexual assault. It has been three years, and I am still happy with my decision to leave. The reason I begin with my trauma is both the importance of centering one’s own experiences, and second, an … [Read more…]

How Wording Affects Disability Labor by Anonymous

When someone asks me what my mother does for a living, I reply with “she’s disabled,” and the dialogue ends there every time. Not once in the 11 years since my mother’s stroke has anyone asked for further explanation. Two words disqualified everything that my mother had worked for in her life. With them, everyone … [Read more…]

New Mothers in the Workplace – An Interview with Councilmember Kate Bierman

Kate Bierman is a City Councilmember for Norman Ward 1. The Senior Director of an OKC public affairs firm, Kate Bierman moved to Norman in 2009 after completing a Political Science degree from American University in Washington, D.C. She currently serves on the Animal Shelter Oversight Committee and is a board member of several state non-profits and … [Read more…]

Still Standing–The Dynamic Balancing Act GTAs Must Manage by Jimmy Herndon

I first started at OU in fall 2015 as a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry, which provided a small stipend as compensation for teaching undergraduate courses. This relieved me of some of the financial worries that I know some other graduate students (particularly those not in STEM) face. In return for near poverty-level … [Read more…]

Work-Life Balance and Other Famous Fairy Tales by JoAnna Woolridge Wall

  As women, we have heard the soothing whispers of work-life balance. It is the mythical notion that floats around the halls of workplaces everywhere. It sneaks its way into our naive minds as we are told we can have it all. We can have a fulfilling career, manage our families, have free time to … [Read more…]